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European Union & Comparative Law


The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 countries, spanning most of Europe with a combined population of over 500 million people. Almost everything the EU does is founded on treaties that member countries agree upon. The EU, a member of the WTO, also accounts for just under a fifth of the world’s trade in goods and is experiencing inward and outward growth of Foreign Direct Investment.
The EU is also home to many prestigious and influential  international institutions such as the International Labour Organization, the European Court of Human Rights, the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court, to name a few.

With today’s globalization and Europe’s prominence, AUWCL provides summer, semester, and dual degree programs in Europe that provide students with a better understanding of the legal and political systems in Europe. Students will acquire the skills to be effective advocates and representatives in their careers.
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