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Photos Courtesy of Csaba Locsei

General Program Requirements:
  • At WCL:
    • Credits: All students must complete a minimum of 59 credits at WCL & satisfy WCL residency requirements. This includes all WCL/ABA required classes (Upper Level Writing, Professional Skills and any other that are implemented).
  • At UC3M
    • First Year:
      • Students study a variety of topics within European Union law for a total of 90 UC3 credits. Two-thirds (2/3) of the courses are taught in English and one-third (1/3) in Spanish.
    • Second Year :
      • Students will be assigned to groups and given a case study to complete a final thesis paper (Trabajo Fin de Máster [TFM]). Each student will then defend their TFM to a panel of professors. For more information, visit: under the Programa tab.
      • Students also spend the fall semester at a practicum placement in a law firm or similar company, pre-arranged by UC3. Students not only specialize in a particular area, but also gain beneficial experience and network locally.
Upon successful completion of both the WCL and UC3 components, students earn the J.D. degree from WCL and a Master UE from UC3M.