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Application Process:
  • Who can apply?
    • Students must be admitted to WCL’s regular JD program before applying to any international JD dual degree program.
    • Students with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
    • 1L students. 2Ls may be eligible. (See program staff if interested.)
    • JD students who are not US citizens should meet with program staff prior to applying.
    • Students must be bilingual (French and English) with excellent written and oral skills.
      • Personal interviews will take place during the application process in both English and French.
    • Part-time students?
      • A part-student may apply as long as he/she changes his/her registration to full time and complete the required 59 credits, including required courses, prior to leaving Washington, D.C. Classes completed during the summer contribute to this total.
    • Transfer students?
      • Transfer students must complete 43 WCL credits as well as two-thirds (2/3) of their legal education in the United States, therefore, transfer students would be able to participate only if they are willing to complete additional credits (approximately one semester’s worth) at WCL. Transfer students must consult with a program staff member before applying.
  • Panel interviews in English take place in February
  • Panel interviews in French take place late February or early March
  • Decisions sent mid-March