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General Program Requirements
Please note courses at Monash are subject to change

The Program

Each year, WCL selects up to three (3) students for the program. Students complete the first two (2) years at WCL and three (3) or four (4) trimesters (1 to 1 1/2 years) at Monash in downtown Melbourne.
  • At WCL:
    • Students must complete at least 59 credits before going abroad, including all WCL/ABA required courses (Upper Level Writing, Professional Skills, and any others implemented); we recommend that students complete at least 62 credits before going abroad
    • Students must meet WCL residency requirements 
  • At Monash:
    • Students must complete 12 courses in Australia
    • Mandatory courses (subject to change at the discretion of the university):
      • Advanced Property Law
      • Principles of Constitutional Law
      • Principles of Equity
      • Principles of Company Law
      • Principles of Administrative Law
      • Ethics in Legal Practice
      • Principles of Trusts (can be waived if Wills and Trusts is taken at WCL)
      • Principles of Evidence (can be waived if Evidence is taken at WCL)
      • Commercial Law elective (may be waived with appropriate WCL equivalent)
      • Principles of Public Law and Statutory Interpretation (may be waived with appropriate WCL equivalent)
Upon successful completion of both the WCL and Monash components, students earn the JD from WCL and the Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) from Monash.