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                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo Courtesy of Jean-Pierre Dalbera
In 2004, the American University Washington College of Law began a distinctive program that provides opportunities for students to become fully trained attorneys with the expertise and language skills to work at home and abroad.

The International JD Dual Degree Programs allow a select number of students to obtain a JD from AUWCL in Washington, DC and either the equivalent JD degree from Canada, France or Australia, the Laurea Magistrale from Italy, or an LL.M. degree from Spain. This experience takes studying abroad to a new level. Law students are now able to go beyond area studies in international or transnational law and become actual transnational lawyers.

Our International JD Dual Degree programs are open to WCL students only and you must have completed at least one semester of law school before applying. It is recommended students apply during January of their 1L year of law school. Second year students may apply during January of their 2L year, but placements may be limited.
(JD/Master of Laws (JD))

*The International Dual Degree Programs are only open to students currently enrolled at AUWCL. Admission to AUWCL does not consitute admission to any of the International Dual Degree Programs nor does it guarantee admisson to any of the programs offered.

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