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General Program Requirements
Please note courses at Nanterre are subject to change

The Program
Each year, WCL selects up to four (4) students for the program. Students complete the first two (2) years at WCL followed by two (2) years at Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Nanterre).
General Requirements
  • At WCL:
    • Students must complete at least 59 credits before going abroad, including all WCL/ABA required courses (Upper Level Writing, Professional Skills, and any others implemented)
    • Students must meet WCL residency requirements
    • As a 2L, students must take the Principles of French Law class (LAW-795FL) at WCL in French, generally offered in the Spring term.
  • At Nanterre:
    • First Year:
      • Students may choose any of the Master I’s offered. Current offerings are Droit des Affaires, Droit International et Européen, Droit Public, Droit Privé et Sciences Criminelles, Droit Social, Droit et Économie and Comparative Analysis of Law (in partnership with the Ecole Normale Supérieur). Each semester comprises 30 ECTS credits.
    • Second Year:
      • Students may choose any of the 13 Master II specializations offered.
      • The Master II program includes an internship in a law firm or similar company. Students not only specialize in a particular area, but also gain beneficial experience and network locally.
 Upon successful completion of both the WCL and Nanterre components, students earn the J.D. degree from WCL and a Master I (JD equivalent) and a Master II (specialization) from Nanterre.