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Chile Summer


You will take two 3-credit courses:

  • LAW-792-001 - Legal Aspects of Trade and Investment in Latin America
  • LAW-794-001 - Comparative Legal Perspectives on Social Problems

Legal Aspects of Trade and Investment in Latin America, a survey course, explores the various legal issues in international trade and foreign direct investment, such as foreign investment statutes, international and domestic environmental law, bilateral and regional trade agreements, antitrust laws, and other areas of law relevant to the foreign investor.

Comparative Legal Perspectives on Social Problems introduces students to the civil law system, especially as practiced in Chile, and explores the role of legal institutions, both national and international, in transitions to democracy and the protection of human rights.

Students attend classes at the University of Chile Law School, the University of Diego Portales School of Law and the University of Buenos Aires School of Law. Classes are typically held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

All classes are taught in English. Knowledge of Spanish is not necessary for participation in the program. Information on Spanish-speaking classes will be made available to interested students at the outset of the program.


Program participants will earn a total of six (6) credits.

Applicants who intend to transfer credits should inquire about their law school's policy before applying.

Summer 2016 List of Classes is forthcoming - please check back for updates.  For your information, the class list for 2014 is provided below:

2014 List of Classes


Session 1: The Civil Law Tradition in Latin America, Professor Jorge Correa

Session 2: Constitutionalism in Latin America, Professor Tomas Vial

Session 3: Introduction to International Human Rights Law: The Case of Pinochet, Professor Jose Zalaquett

Session 4: Criminal Procedure in Latin America, Professor Felipe Marin

Session 5: The Role of Truth Commissions as Political Instruments in the Defense of Human Rights, Professor Jorge Correa

Session 6: Current Trends on Human Rights in Latin America, Professor Jose Zalaquett

Session 7: Current Trends in Family Law, Professor Lidia Casas

Session 8: Argentina and American Juvenile Justice Through the Lens of International Human Rights Law, Professor Mary Beloff

Session 9: Indigenous Rights in Latin America, Professor Jose Aylwin

Session 10: Women's Rights in the International Human Rights Protection Systems, Professor Cecilia Medina

Session 11 and Site Visit: Chilean Congress, Valparaiso

Session 12: Legal Ethics in Chile, Professor Lucas Sierra

Session 13: The Inter-American System of Human Rights, Professor Jorge Contesse

Session 14: TBA


Session 1: Introduction to International Trade and Investment, Professor Joaquin Morales

Session 2: Investment Between Chile and the U.S.: The Chile-U.S. Bilateral Free Trade Agreement, Professor Andres Jana

Session 3: The Role of the Central Bank (Federal Reserve) in Chile, Professor Enrique Marshall

Session 5: Investment Dispute Resolutions in Argentina, Professor Alejandra Etchegorry

Session 6: Introduction to the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Professor Angie Armer

Session 7: Environmental Law in Chile of Change, Professor Patricio Leyton

Session 8: Foreign Investment in Chile: Overview, Professor Joaquin Morales

Session 9: Antitrust Law, Professor Jaime Barahona

Session 10: Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property, Professor Pablo Ruiz-Tagle

Session 11: The Constitutional Crisis of Private Health Insurance Companies Before the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, Professor Santiago Montt

Session 12: Taxation in Chile within the Framework of Foreign Investors, Professor Rodrigo Stein

Session 13: Critical Visions in ICSID, Professor Ximena Fuentes

Session 14: TBA


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